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So I tried and tested – and wasted quited some money.But eventually I figured out which electronic drum set is best for which purpose.The image was shot from 9000’ASL at a point 10kms out to sea and using a SONY A850 full frame 24Megapix camera and a SONY f2.8 28-75SAM lens.

I didn’t know whether I could use my double bass pedal with th ese kits – or whether I wanted cymbals with choke functionality or not.He had to do peritoneal dialysis 3 times a day, for 3 months.After a lot of persuasion I got him on an Ayurvedic regiment.Heck: I’ll even show you my best electronic drum set for under 0!

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Earlier this year, my dad had went into chronic end stage renal failure and was in critical condition, with the kidney functioning at less than 5% capacity (his urine output was less than 50ml per day – i.e. In addition, every renal surgeon telling him that there is no possibility of the kidney recovering.

Given the faith that people tend to have in doctors, my dad took that answer as gospel.